miércoles, 12 de noviembre de 2008

Highway to heaven

The idea of helping the automobile sector as it was previously done to the financial companies starts to gain followers. The menace of a possible bankruptcy in GM seems to enhance authorities’ fear of increasing even more the already great deal of unemployed, and, nowadays, that would involve serious problems to governments, as people start to point out to them as principal characters of the current crisis scenario.
The wreckage of the financial system would probably have meant a tragedy in our globalized society, as it has turned to be the foundations of global economy. However, the automobile industry, despite the high number of connected jobs, does not threaten all markets. The eventual collapse of a giant like GM would cause thousands of new unemployed, it would be a serious damage in social terms, but it would certainly not affect the stability of the world’s economy.
Helping this companies would encourage each and every company in economic difficulties from no matter what sector to ask for help, and the denial of this help would be unfair this time. It is hard to say to thousands of people that they are going to lose the job they have been carrying out for the past decades, it is hard to face a 57 year old man that has been working in a factory since he was 16 and tell him that his company is going to disappear. To avoid that, it would have been necessary to look in the eyes of dozens of business men and suggest that continuous two digits growth was not sustainable in the long term, that providing the market with such a quantity of all-terrain vehicles was illogical, that… that they worked for a company and had to do their best not just to improve their own wealth.
It is time for new opportunities, it is time for new ideas to come and take the place of those dangerous principles that have driven the situation into this hole. Will we be brave enough to clean this mess up?

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Irreverens dijo...

I'm afraid this "mess" has nothing to do with "courage", but with "usury".

Are people ready to think in terms of low growth? I'm not sure at all.


Anónimo dijo...

I agree with Irreverens.

This situation will be forgotten in two-three years at last, and all will start again.

tootels dijo...

Seems me that what is occurring is that the companies , some, are benefiting of the situation... Simply. The time, will give and take reasons.

From lost, to the river. juas!!!

Arab Precarista dijo...

A commentary coming from the Capitalist bubble!!!

My friends, i would say greed...not "usura"...greed fueled all this situation, and now we are all paying for it....well here at the land of sand we are starting too...

Anyways this will be an excellent time, to wipe off the week companies and strengthen the powerfull/well managed ones!!

Irreverens dijo...

Yes, "greed", that's the right word, actually. It just didn't come to my mind in time.
Thanks, arab.

JGVA dijo...

My opinion is that this is the defeat of capitalism. Is the prove that it doesn't works. That is a sustained lie that only leads to a few to get richer on other's sake.
Communism thesis proved to fail 10-20 years ago. Now it's time to Capistalism failure.
Maybe it's time for the privileged minds to find a brand new way.

But another thing has been clearly seen in the current situation. Governments have no power. The real power lies in factical power. Big companies, lobbyes, trusts... Those are the real world rulers.

I'm not an expert on those subjects. But even the most stupid person may see that "rescuing" banks and companies with public funds it is not a liberal option.

I recommend you to watch the 2 hours documentary Zeitgeist, which explain some of the absurd of the current economical system (among other subjects). You can find that documentary in Youtube in 3 parts.

Montse dijo...

Most of these companies, are doing comedy, but is thrue in part, that today they are solding afew cars, but they werw doing a lot of money.

Anónimo dijo...

SEO排名不好玩= =

eda dijo...





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