viernes, 16 de febrero de 2007

Little Miss Sunshine

Just a week before the Oscars, I have decided to watch the most unusual candidate to the best picture award: Little Miss Sunshine. What a right choice.
In a few minutes we are presented the characters that are going to lead us to the Little Miss Sunshine contest, where little Olive is going to be one of the contestants; extraordinary presentation that shows us a cast of scruffy characters that happen to be a family.
Their adventures in the long ride to California, driving a ruined van, are worth watching, with some magnificent dialogues and an accurate direction. Even if the evolution of the characters, from my point of view, reduces the quality of the film, as it turns out to be a conventional evolution (they finally loose the initial extravagance that makes them so attractive), the resulting comedy is fun, ideal for spending a Sunday afternoon.
Can you imagine what could have it been if the driver would have been Bill Murray and the family driven to the contest the Tenembaums?

3 comentarios:

JAL dijo...

Didn't anyone realize that uncle Frank bears a certain resemblance to Nani Moretti?

la pequeña tortuga dijo...

Uncle Frank really seems the twin of one of my of the best films I've ever seen

reona dijo...


This film is one of the movies I want to watch.
I heard that the story is very good.
I will write about this film on my blog if I watch it.