lunes, 12 de marzo de 2007

The best of youth

“The best of youth” drives us through recent Italian history (from the 60’s to nowadays) by describing the evolution of its characters. Two brothers experiment how casualty can sometimes mean a turning point in one’s life, making them take separate paths, different from the ones they were meant to take.
The description of the characters is excellent, to the point that it looks as if a real family was shot. In addition, the script provides the audience with magnificent dialogues, whose emotiveness seems to go ‘in crescendo’.
It is easy to think of Bertolucci’s ‘Novecento’ when watching this movie. The way both movies explain historical events through the view of its characters is similar, with the only difference of their chronology.
Despite not being as popular as other Italian films, ‘The best of youth’ may be one of the best Italian movies of the decade.
And yes, it was originally a TV movie, which explains its 360 minutes length.

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Silvia dijo...

Me la apunto, Jal.
Por cierto, espero que no te moleste pero te he añadido a mi listas de blogs.
Que pases un buen dia. Justo empieza en Australia...

JAL dijo...

Encantadísimo con ello, Silvia. Y paciencia con la peli, son más de seis horas, pero vale la pena. Como está dividida en dos partes puedes hacer 3+3.

Piter dijo...

joer... 360min !!! estic flipant, aixo son 6h de peli !!

I la fan al cine? quantes pauses deuen fer ? jeje

Apan neng... vagi b!!