jueves, 29 de marzo de 2007

Pritzker 2007: Richard Rogers

The Pritzker Price, the world's most prestigious architecture award, was given yesterday. The 2007 awarded has been the British Richard Rogers.
He has become famous in Spain due to the new terminal at Barajas airport (Madrid), though his fame came with Pompidou Center in 1977 (designed with Renzo Piano, Pritzker price 1998).
While reading the article in "The NY Times", I have thought of the last building I visited that had been designed by Mr. Rogers. It was the Palace of Justice in Antwerpen (Belgium), inaugurated in March 2006. Here there is a picture of it:

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Belén dijo...

It is amazing... another blogger to who I´ve been reading has a post talking about Richard Rogers and Lloyd´s Building in London, If you want to read about this:




JAL dijo...

Hey, thank you Belén!

Itoitz dijo...

Me encanta el diseño futurista de la obra. un abrazo.

wen dijo...

Jope, lo que me gustaba la arquitectura cuando estaba en la universidad... Y ahora paso de todo.. aparte de que he perdido información para parar un tren. Creo que debo tener agujeros imperceptibles a la vista en la cabeza.
En la foto no se ve mucho... pero a mi me recuerda a la antigua vaguada, y mucho.

Xavi Menós dijo...

Hi Jose... My opinion about Rodgers is in some way contradictory. I think that in BCN we have two examples of the worst Rogers: Las Arenas is an architectural collage without any sense, and the Hesperia Hotel built in l-Hospitalet is awful. Conversely, I like Barajas, altough it has some problem with its scale. I don-t like the Lloyds Bank but I really like that building of Antwerp.

santamaria dijo...

I heard about him before this prize, and really I didn´t imagine that he could be one of the candidats. If you like this prize and its history, here in my town the first woman who obtained it is doing a project of a train station.She´s called Zaha Hadid, sure you have heard about her.