viernes, 2 de marzo de 2007

Fiji, still a paradise?

The image I have always had of Fiji is the one of paradise. Despite not being a sea lover, the idea of spending a holiday in a hut on the sea, surrounded by nothing but peace and amazing beaches has been on my mind for ages.
To my surprise, I have come across an article concerning Fiji's economy which could change the image of this paradise island. Fiji's economy seems to be absolutely doomed and, what is worse, its government is probably not the best one to drive an important reform in order to end up with the current situation. Will we witness the island's collapse in coming months? Or will it just be a collapse for the local population, with no repercussion at all for tourists?
Globalization makes us all live in a similar way, meaning with a similar lifestyle, unfortunately, I am affraid there are places in the world that need to keep their own way of living to survive. They are probably just a few distant nooks on Earth, but as long as there are people living in them, we have to respect their lives, otherwise, we will do them more harm than good.

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