miércoles, 14 de marzo de 2007

New Armani travel brochure

I am absolutely astonished at the reaction to last Armani’s ad. Looking at these girls in the picture I would probably say that the new Armani Junior collection is too much sophisticated for a child, from my point of view. I would dare say that children should dress like children, that with this kind of collections they are encouraged to look older, to consider other pieces childish.
However, what has worried the authorities is not the clothes shown, but the girls. The person whose aim is to protect youngster’s rights (a charge similar to the People’s Protector) has claimed that this ad promotes sexual tourism.
I still can not believe what I have heard. I try to analyze the ad again to see if there is something I did not see at first, but I can’t manage to find out which is the element of the picture that seems to be so immoral. Is it that one of the girls looks Asian and the other one South-American? Or just that one of them is wearing a bikini? If so, does it mean that Mr. Canalda (the strict protector) thinks of sexual tourism when he sees a Chinese or a Brazilian girl or just when a little girl is wearing a bikini? Is this ad really promoting sexual tourism or is it just him who is promoting mental sickness?
Maybe some of you did see the sexual content in the ad. Maybe I am too innocent to see some things. In any case, this campaign has already become a success for Armani, as the ad has appeared for free everywhere, which can make them think that it would be interesting to prepare something similar for coming campaigns, maybe something more explicit.

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Alex Guerrero dijo...

The problem with the non-democratic figures like the People's Protector, (or Mr. Canalda or the Spanish Instituto de la Mujer, or the Tribunus Plebi) is that they often operate according to their moral values and strict approach to really complicate issues. The limits between 'moral health' and censorship is always there, and they can fall from time to time.

Xavi Menós dijo...

I can easily understand why they have prohibited that commercial. As Alex said the limits between
"free speach" and "censorship" is really thin when we deal with such topics. In my point of view I think that this commercial clearly overpasses that limit-

Anónimo dijo...

Well I'm doing some serious analyzes with ads and I'm focusing on kids and junior's. So what I will say may seem choking but my ads teacher made me realize how terrifying this world is.
Just have a look at the lines in that ad. Look at how the lines are places. Look at the expressions and everything.
The ad may seem to be two cute girls, innocently smiling. But people who do photoshoot do control EVERYthing. And the way they pictured that ain't .. -how should I say ?- casual. Everything is controled and if that ad has made such speculations, it's really that there was a problem.