viernes, 26 de enero de 2007

In & out

It is obvious that Spanish economy has boomed during the last few years. The incredible growth, nearly twice the average growth of the eurozone, has made feel proud the different Spanish governments of the period. We are suffering now in Spain a nonsense fight between the two main parties due to which short term results are the only important matter and, so, the only thing to worry about.
The conservative party, now the Opposition, has fallen into a deep decadence, and the lack of ideas of its leaders has made them focus just on terrorism and on what they call "the balkanization of Spain" (maybe not to be forgotten, but certainly not the most serious problems of the country). Surprisingly, they have managed to drive political debate into that direction, providing the medias with a great deal of headlines which offend, annoy and divide the population, headlines that can only do harm, no good at all.
With such a depressing panorama, each government show off because of the economic improves. According to the statistics, it is obvious that our economy has become one of the most powerful in the EU. Several indicators put Spain on top and that has been the origin of political propaganda that makes some people think that terrorism and "the balkanization" are the main problems of the country.
However, sometimes it is necessary to find out some information from "the outside" that can help us understand "the inside" or, at least, to give us additional information from a different point of view. I have just come across an article in "The Economist" showing a different interpretation of Spanish indicators. I recommend you to scheme the article and read the opinon of Olivier Blanchard, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (in the photograph).
You can find the article here.

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El problema de España es ZP y los catalanes!

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Muito obrigado, Daniela.
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I'm glad you found out your 10,000th birthday in time and that you'll have the opportunity to share it with your family! Thanks for leaving a comment.

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Hey, why don't you tell us your opinion about what's really happening with Inaki?

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¡Hola! Gracias por pasar por mi blog, aunque la verdad no ha sido uno de los post más agraciados que he escrito...
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He visto que hablas portugués,no?Me encanta ese idioma,quiero apuntarme a clases ya te pediré consejos..jeje
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