miércoles, 31 de enero de 2007

Meeting Escher

It may seem unbelievable, but I must admit that the name M.C. Escher meant nothing to me till my trip to The Netherlands. While prowling about The Hague, trying to discover some interesting architecture, I was given a curious brochure. There was a temporary exhibition of someone called Escher. As buildings were not as interesting as I had thought, I decided to go and see what kind of work was exhibited there.
Right decision, I would have regretted loosing the opportunity to admire the work of this unusual artist. I am not sure if artist is the ideal word to define Escher, my first impression was that his work was the one of a scientific artist. Geometric shapes turning into birds (or earth turning into air), fishes evoluting to birds, but also extraordinary classic litographies, and a self-portrait reflected in a crystal sphere absolutely captivated me.
Maybe “Relativity” was the summit of this exhibition, a logically and physically impossible composition where each staircase ends up in a different ground. A piece that, according to gravity law is completely impossible. As I never understand what an author wants to express with his work, my impression when admiring “Relativity” was the fact that men go through different paths to their personal worlds, worlds that are impossible to reach for other men, worlds from where you see each other reality as odd. However, it is just casualty, it is just the fact of choosing one staircase or another that makes you end up in one of these worlds, it is just casualty that makes you think that your chosen path is the right one, that your world is the only possible one. Paradoxically, no matter the path you choose, no matter the ground you are, you think it is the one, the correct one, and so, your path, your world, will always be wrong choices according to other men’s point of view.

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Robert dijo...

Hey, you could have added some more pictures! I love Escher

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